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9 to 5 and Spiritually Alive

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Drawing on the experiences of many Christian working women, Sheila Jones gives spiritual guidance on such issues as time-management, relationships with male co-workers, purity of speech, sharing your faith, and integrity, showing that is possible to be godly women in today's workforce.

Chapter Titles:

  • Chapter 1 Hand in Hand: Daily Walk with God
  • Chapter 2 People Who Need People: Maintaining Friendships
  • Chapter 3 Integrity of Speech
  • Chapter 4 Integrity of Action
  • Chapter 5 Sharing Your Faith
  • Chapter 6 Relationships with Male Coworkers
  • Chapter 7 Being a Team Player
  • Chapter 8 On the Road...An Encouraging Commute
  • Chapter 9 What if I do Not Like My Job