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The book is unique in several ways. One, it uses a term that we don't often hear, entrustment. It is a great word and various forms of it are found repeatedly in the Bible. The basic meaning of entrustment is to "confer a trust on" or "to commit to another with confidence." The concept of entrusting another with what is precious to you (God's Word and work in this case) paints a beautiful word picture. Marvin is writing from a broad perspective of religious training and experiences. You will find yourself reading the critiques and asking the question, "Is he talking about me?"(or "about my church?) The fact that he leaves you to wrestle with the concepts will help you to build your own convictions. You actually have to think and evaluate yourself, your ministry, your marriage and your family. The style of the Book helps to explain Marvin's uniqueness as a person. He leads you down unpredictable paths as you read, which will peak your interest. Perhaps he is most unique in the nature of his example of living what he writes about. His example of not only trusting people, but entrusting them with all that is dear to him stands out clearly. The man practices what he preaches. Hopefully you will "get it"without having to experience too many "baguette moments."

–Gordon Ferguson (from the Foreword)

About the author: Marvin Lucas is an evangelist in Little Rock, Arkansas. He and his family returned to the United States after planting a new church in the British Isles.