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Because Life Happens

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If you are a woman seeking to gain perspective on life's challenges, this book is for you. Challenges such as dealing with depression, being molested, raising a special needs child, marriage dynamics and fighting to keep a fresh and growing faith are discussed in such a vulnerable yet practical way that you will feel like you and Sharisse are sitting down having a cup of coffee and sharing one another's life stories.

There are scriptures to use in the pursuit of a healing perspective and questions at the end of each chapter to help you sort out thoughts and feelings that may arise due to the nature of the subjects discussed. Perhaps you will even find the words to start some conversations that need to take place.

This is not only a personal devotional book that would make a thoughtful gift for any woman hurting from painful things in her past, it is also ideal for a Book Club or to use as the basis for a women's conference.

Sharisse Lucas, along with her husband, Marvin, lead a church in Little Rock, Arkansas.