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Church Building Elderships (Apple/Android Version)

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Church-Building Elderships is a compilation of the wisdom and experience of elders who have been serving in churches across the United States and one each in Hong Kong and Nigeria. Together, the authors have 516 years of experience as disciples, 263 of those while serving as elders. This Book, while not exhaustive, is intended to touch on vital topics for becoming an elder, growing as an elder, and growing as an eldership (group of elders).

Our prayer is that the wisdom shared from the numerous elders in the pages of this Book can motivate many more to become inspiring shepherds in God's church as we follow the Chief Shepherd. Men of courage and caring are rare. Let's become them, continue to be them, and support them.

If you have dreams to become a leader and grow in godly characters and to one day become an elder in God's kingdomÐthis is the Book for you. Sit at these men's feet and learn valuable lessons that will set a course for you to be used in great ways in the church.

Writers include: Al Baird, Ron Brumley, John Brush, Larry Craig, Israel Ereola, Walter Evans, Darren Gauthier, Bill Hooper, Frank Kim, Sam Laing, Dan Liu, Mike Shapiro, Wyndham Shaw and Jerry Sugarman.