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A Survey of World Religions

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To effectively evangelize the world we should have at least a cursory understanding of what various world religions teach and practice. This Audio series by Dr. John Oakes is a survey of the world's major religions. It features ten messages and includes an outline and a powerpoint presentation.

Workshop Outline:
A. Definitions and Introduction to the topic.
B. Christianity. What are we comparing these religions to?
1. The Christian World View
Our outline of world religions: from those most distant in worldview from Christianity to those most similar to Christianity.

C. Eastern Religions
1. Hinduism
2. Buddhism
3. Jaina, Taoism, Sikkhism, Confucianism, Shinto
4. new Age
D. Other Monotheisms: Islam, Judaism, Bahai
E. Scientology, Christian Science and other

rather strange religions
F. Pseudo-Christian Religions
1. Mormonism
2. Jehovah's Witness
G. Other Christian Movements We Should Be Aware Of
1. Roman Catholicism
2. Seventh Day Adventism
3. Pentacostalism