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God Rules! turns the Kingdom Kids Curriculum for 3rd and 4th graders into an adventure at home. Bible stories, fun ideas and activity pages provide guidance for parents and excitement for kids, turning their weekly Bible class into a daily walk with God.

This volume is stand-alone and is not linked to the other volumes. This volume covers the life of Jesus and his miracles. He also discusses the Kingdom of God and the history of the early church. It also discusses the life of the Apostle Paul and his missionary work. Find crossword puzzles, family devotionals, various charts, and word games to help your child to learn more of God's Word.

Chapter Titles:

  • Chapter One: God Rules Jesus' Beginnings
  • Chapter Two: God Rules Hearts and Minds
  • Chapter Three: God Rules Miracles
  • Chapter Four: God Rules His Kingdom
  • Chapter Five: God Rules Devoted Women
  • Chapter Six: God Rules Jesus' Ministry
  • Chapter Seven: God Rules God Rules His Early Church
  • Chapter Eight: God Rules the Missionary Paul
  • Chapter Nine: God Rules Paul's Teaching
  • Chapter Ten: God Rules Faith and Love
  • Parent Pages