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How We Got the Bible and Why You Can Trust It

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"Truly captivating. It answers questions, boosts faith, silences criticism, and thoroughly enthralls..."–Dr. Douglas Jacoby

Our manuscripts are early, accurate, and supported with an overwhelming number of copies. The lines of transmission are completely trustworthy. The New Testament passes all tests for authenticity with flying colors. The last two centuries have produced a wealth of manuscript evidence that has silenced a host of critics. You can read your New Testament and know confidently that you are reading the exact words of the writers. After two centuries of relentless criticism, it is the Bible that has gained respect, while the critics have only been proven to be in error.

Here are the chapter topics of the Book.
  • Introduction
  • Isn't Jesus a Myth?
  • Old and New Testament Background:
  • What the Critics Are Saying
  • How Accurate is the New Testament?
  • The Da Vinci Code and 80 Gospels
  • What about Textual Variants?
  • How Accurate is the Old Testament Text?
  • End Notes and Further Reading