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WILDFIRE How Progressive Theology is Impacting the Church

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The church in North America is at a crucial moment.  Christian ministers and church members have noticed a tangible shift in the way many people within the church are addressing the hot topics of our day.  Solid biblical concepts are being replaced by secular ideas, and scriptural words are being replaced by a more current societal vocabulary.  Some are feeling more empowered to speak up, while others are shrinking back into silence, afraid to engage. 

What is the issue?  Progressive Theology - a powerful combination of the prevailing worldly wisdom of our day and a low view of scripture. It is real, dangerous, and is spreading through churches today at an alarming rate.

This book describes the elements involved in an unexamined progressive approach to scripture, and offers some sound advice to Christians who are concerned about how to lovingly engage our culture without compromising biblical truth.

Daren Overstreet discusses the makeup of progressive theology, paying special attention to how it is influencing body life and doctrine within the church, using recent data and essays from people close to the different hot topics that are impacting today’s church.  It will be a good resource for leaders and members alike as they navigate out complex world.

Daren currently serves as an evangelist in the Anchor Point Church in Tampa, Florida.