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In Prime Rib, Jeanie Shaw shares her "Top Ten"list of truths essential to understanding your value and purpose as a woman. As God lovingly fashioned woman from a rib not just a "spare rib" he'd found lying around, but a rib taken from Adam's own body, a rib of foremost importance and special purpose he knew he had formed a "prime rib"that would complete creation, and take it from "good,"to "very good."But if women have been so lovingly designed by God, why do so many miss the peace, the power, and the sense of fulfillment and purpose God created them to have?

This book explores God's answers to questions and feelings that many women have:

  • Does God love me and have a purpose for my life?
  • Can I overcome fear and live victoriously?
  • Can God help me forgive and not hold on to resentment?
  • Is it possible for me to take my thoughts and words captive?
  • How can I see the beauty that God sees in me?
  • How can I have the close relationships I long for?

Be prepared to fall in love with the God who is in love with you, and to live the life he