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Phil and Beth Bruns live in Ohio and have been Christians for over 35 years. Phil has successful careers in real estate and construction while Beth has a successful career in chemical engineering. They have designed and are facilitating workshops on life, career, and family topics. They have 4 wonderful daughters who have launched their careers in engineering and design, or studying public relations, and health care.

Launch Your Life Book

Launch Your Life brings Biblicalcharacters and modern-day parables to life. It covers the topics of self-help, life and career planning, Biblical character studies, and Biblical daily living principles. It is unique in that it brings together a Biblical view of career and life-planning for young adult to older Christians, with the practical tools of self-assessment, resume writing, and early career planning. In the process of completing this book, readers will: 
• Formulate a dream in the context of God working in their lives. 
• Better understand their character to see how God’s plan encompasses their whole life, not just their spiritual life. 
• Do the self-assessment required to establish specific goals in pursuing a job interest that is both grounded in their relationship with God and a match for their character. 
• Set a plan in place for approaching life planning, resume writing, interviewing, job searching, and other aspects of starting a spiritual, full-life for God and career trajectory

Launch Your Life Book ACTION PLANNER

 Launch Your Life ACTION PLANNER is designed to propel you forward as you practice intention, planning, and action. It includes self-assessment exercises to better understand who you are and what you want so you can set goals. Practical tips regarding mentoring, resumes, dating, and finances help you create concrete plans. Life is a journey and you shouldn’t settle for less than who God made you to be. Let God move your heart. Be inspired to clarify a plan to move forward. Launch Your Life is not about your future, it is for your future. Let your heart be stirred to action by the Launch Your Life Action Planner.


Appreciate your hearts and devotion to seeing the church grow. This book and platform will guide and bless so many, as they embark on their journey to become professionals with a purpose! I have great vision for the future of Launch Mini, and the lives it will change. Godspeed!
- S.R., Ohio
These two have been building into my family for years and I’m delighted that their Bible based, simple messages and philosophies will reach even more!
- D.S., Ohio
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