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Here is a brief explanation on how to use Building Faith & Finances


The Building Faith and Finances church course supplements the Book Faith and Finances: A 21st Century Biblical Guide for Growing, Protecting, and Using Your Money with personal exercises and group activities. It gives participants a practical framework to apply financial concepts from the Bible. For those who use this course in a small group or on a churchwide level, you will have a unique opportunity. In our times, opening up about our financial beliefs and habits can be uncomfortable, but the benefits can be life changing.

A 21st Century Biblical Guide for Growing, Protecting, and Using Your Money

"Faith and Finances is a timely and much-needed exposition on the subject of money. The author entertains by poking fun at the absurdity of today’s world, while providing hope through his own spiritual and financial journey. Throughout the book, a robust scriptural approach is laid out, to help us eliminate debt, save money, invest wisely, and act generously. Patrick Blair uncompromisingly attacks misconceptions and tackles difficult topics like church giving, debt slavery, the deceptiveness of wealth, investment diversification, disaster preparation, and giving to the poor. I believe this book will stand the test of time. So, if you’re seeking a healthy, biblical relationship with money, look no further! I highly recommend Faith and Finances to the rich, the poor, and everyone in between.” —Douglas Jacoby, D.Min., M.T.S


Personal Exploration Exercises–These exercises cover a variety of practical topics and are meant to engage your intellect, creativity, and convictions. The exercises are matched with the chapters in the Faith and Finances Book, so it's best to read the chapters listed under Reading Preparation and then do the corresponding exercises closely in time. 
Small Group Meetings–These exercises are designed for a small group setting. They break the ice by encouraging spiritual discussion. There is one small group meeting per module. Typically, small group meetings will replace other meetings that might be scheduled during the week.

*Modules–The course is broken into the six modules, which track the chapters in the Book. Modules 1–4 are highly recommended for any group participating in the course. Ideally, groups can go through all six modules; however, that may be too lengthy for some groups to do all at one time.


About the Author:

After serving in church leadership for many years, Patrick Blair began his career as a civil litigation attorney in the Los Angeles area. After experiencing personal hardship with debt and working professionally with debtors, he developed a keen interest in how people manage their money, including related social and economic trends. Patrick holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Hawaii, where he also obtained undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Speech. Patrick is a practicing attorney, who lives with his wife and two children in Oak Ridge, NC.
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