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A Profession of Faith: Christ, Character and Career

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The idea for this Book came after conducting several spiritual seminars developed particularly for professionals from throughout the United States. During the seminars, we learned that the men and women in the room were indeed the "five talent" people that Jesus referred to in Matthew 25. We also learned that they were underachievers in their home churches. The question that we heard repeated again and again was, "Why am I less successful spiritually than I am in my profession?" Although the Christian in the professional arena makes the same profession of faith at baptism as any other disciple of Jesus Christ, we have seen that he or she faces unique challenges in applying the principles of faith in the professional setting. In addition, the "personality" of a professional can produce challenges outside of work that hamper spiritual success. This Book represents our attempt to place these challenges front and center so that the Christian professional can grow and indeed "approach the throne of grace with confidence."

The first half of the Book is focused on Biblical characters whose vocations parallel the professional in the modern world of today. The second half contains writings on themes that we believe are relevant to the life of every professional in the modern world. Now, open your heart and prepare to receive the blessings from these disciples.

Writers include: John Bringardner, Henry Cramer, Kris Bailey, Robert Wilkins, Randy Jordan, Cecil Wooten, Shelley Metten, Michael Voligny, Bill Boyles, and more.