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A Womens Ministry Handbook

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This handbook includes lessons from twelve authors, living in five different nations, representing nearly 300 years of women's ministry experience. The collective wisdom from these sisters will help both current and future women's ministry leaders be more effective as they lead other women.

Throughout the Book these fundamental themes reappear:

  • God's power works in our lives when we pray
  • Jesus is our example
  • Ministry is teaching others about God
  • We need to be trained and to train others

Some of the topics covered in this Book include:

  • Scheduling our time wisely
  • Understanding stages of life and ministry
  • Raising godly children
  • Working with your husband (or male leader)
  • Training other women
  • Speaking effectively to groups
  • Planning fruitful events
  • Growing through challenges
  • Identifying when professional help is needed

...and much more

Writers include: Jennifer Lambert, Kay McKean, Deb Anton, Penny Cox, Tammy Fleming, Teresa Fontenot, Caroline George, Barbary Marbury, Helen Nanjundan, Kim Reed, Caron Vassallo.