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Back on Track: A 40-Day Journey to Spiritual Renewal

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"Most of us don't dramatically dart away, but we sure do drift. Then there comes a day when we say, "How did I end up here?' This Book is an effort to help some find the way back to the Father. But beyond that, it is an attempt to help us all reignite our passions, retrofit our plans and return wholeheartedly to the gospel train of God's purposes.
–from the Introduction

This is a Book to help individual Christians, small groups and whole congregations get back on track for God.

In a writing style that is vulnerable, humorous, challenging and fresh, Jimmy Allen sets the Book up in the following way:

  • Six sections of overall focus: My God, My Head, My Heart, My Hands, My Feet, My Lips
  • An introduction and 24 chapters to be spaced out in 40 daily readings
  • Follow-up questions at the end of each reading
  • Space to write responses in the Book

Forty days a very biblical time frame to change, motivate and empower us to move forward. We would hate for anyone to miss the train!

This is not a gimmick and not just a program it is an honest attempt to help us be what we really in our heart of hearts want to be.

About the author: Jimmy Allen is an evangelist and leads a Church of Christ in Hartford, CT.