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Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible

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The enlightening and easy-to-understand guide reveals the reasons why you can trust in God and the Bible without checking your brains at the door.

Is the Christian faith a matter of personal opinion and subjective experience, or is it based on solid, verifiable evidence? Is truth like beauty, "in the eyes of the beholder", or does the Bible's description of reality apply to everyone? Regardless of your initial response to questions like these, you need accurate information in order to find intelligent and helpful answers. With this fascinating survey, you can find out why...

  • The scientific mysteries of the origin and intricacy of the universe point to a Creator and Designer.
  • Biblical and extra-biblical writings confirm that Jesus was much more than merely a good teacher.
  • Dealing with your doubts can help you engage your mind and heart and make honest connections with others.

As you examine the evidence of God's existence and the truthfulness of the Bible, you will build your confidence and take a new step in your relationship with God.

Part 1: God

  • Chapter 1: Clearing Away the Debris: Arguments Against the Reality of God
  • Chapter 2: Why Atheism Fails: The Bankruptcy of the Godless Worldview
  • Chapter 3: Is Anyone at Home? Compelling Evidence for the Reality of God
  • Chapter 4: God: Sleeping, Retired, or Dead? The Nature of God

Part 2: The Word of God

  • Chapter 5: The Bible: Word of Man or Word of God?
  • Chapter 6: Dialog with a Critic: How Honest Discussion Facilitates Faith
  • Chapter 7: Before Xerox: Confidence in the Biblical Manuscripts

Part 3: The Son of God

  • Chapter 8: The Luminous Figure: Legend, Liar, Lunatic, or Lord?
  • Chapter 9: That's Impossible! The Miracles of Jesus
  • Chapter 10: Many Convincing Proofs: The Resurrection

Part 4: The Pursuit of God

  • Chapter 11: One Way? The Bible and Other Religions
  • Chapter 12: Double-Minded? Dealing with Doubt
  • Chapter 13: Taking the Plunge: Making an Informed Decision


  • Bible Study Strategies
  • The Trinity
  • Apparent Contradictions in the Bible