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If you have ever pick up the Bible for even a moment, you have recognized the power of men and women who lived several thousand years ago. Why are the men and women of the Bible still being talked about thousands of years later? Why are their lives still teaching us today? They had one simple, but incredible quality about their lives: they had an absolute faith in the almighty God! They were ordinary people who had extraordinary trust. They were unwavering in their belief and incredibly confident in their God.This same faith is available to us today, a faith that can speak from generation to generation, a faith that will inspire our children's children. CUE BALL Christianity will help you to uncover this great and glorious mystery.

About the author: Jeff Arias is a successful businessman who brings the faith of great men and women of the Bible into modern life. He chalks out the way for powerful living in a challenging world. He is the husband of a beautiful and godly wife and the proud father of four children. They reside in sunny southern California.