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Christian psychologist Joy Bodzioch has written a new Book on finding mental well-being by applying the Beatitudes to your life. Following Jesus' plan for living our lives will help us find meaning and joy.

Sharing from her life, her experience as a professional counselor and as a Bible student, Dr. Joy gives an insightful path to finding biblical help for insecurity, depression, negative thinking and other challenges we face in our Christian walk.

Chapter Titles:

  • 1. The Search for Joy
  • 2. Spiritual Poverty Decide to be Wholehearted
  • 3. Contrition Image God's Comfort
  • 4. Meekness Surrender to God
  • 5. Hunger Commit to Spiritual Growth
  • 6. Mercy Overflow with Compassion
  • 7. Purity Value Holiness
  • 8. Peacemaking Encourage Reconciliation
  • 9. Sacrificial Spirit Reflect the Heart of Christ
  • 10. Now Taste the Spirit's Fruit