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Every Day Is a New Chance

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Funny. Touching. Honest. Inspiring. Hopeful.

In Every Day Is a New Chance, Jeanie invites you into her life and heart as she shares her life's conundrums, difficulties, and treasures. You will feel as if you are sitting with an old friend as you discover ways to take the best chances with your own life situations. The fourth in her "Morning Cup Devotionals" series, Every Day Is a New Chance infuses Scripture into life's ordinary momentsÐtransforming them to the extraordinary.

Every Day Is a New Chance is full of lighter, humorous stories about nature and family, but also full of stories about Jeanie's life challenges and those of others. Above all, you come away with hope in your life, because she has learned to have hope in hers, no matter what the circumstances may be. She will help you keep your eyes focused on the victory in Christ...
–Gordon Ferguson, from the Foreword