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Finding Balance from the Inside Out

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How can I do it all? "I am overwhelmed by life." "How do I set my priorities?" "Where's the balance?"

Women are seeking the place of perfect balance that will help them across the challenging high wire of life. Those who follow Jesus find this equilibrium by fixing their eyes on and imitating him-the only person who ever lived a perfectly balanced life.

Editor Sheila Jones put her ear to the ground to hear the rumblings and grumblings, the fears and tears, the hopes and mopes of Christian women. Along with nine other writers, she has produced a book that is real and helpful and hopeful. Starting from the understanding that a balanced life means putting God first, this book will help you find balance:from the inside out.


  • The Balanced Life by Sheila Jones
  • Jesus Defines Balance by Tammy Fleming
  • God's Word: Our Balancing Pole by Kim Sapp
  • Live Out Your Priorities by Terrie Fontenot
  • Keep Your Eyes on Jesus by Barbara Porter
  • Aware of Your Variables by Linda Brumley
  • Don't Be Afraid to Say No by Shelly Metten
  • Order in our World by Kitty Chiles
  • Don't Forget to Have Fun! by Sally Hooper
  • Trust in God's Grace by Kay McKean