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Kit Cummings
Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Teacher

In 2010, Kit founded the Power of Peace Project. Using the experience he gained resolving conflict in some of the most dangerous areas in the world, he applies his principles to bring about change in prisons, schools, corporations, and the faith-based community. On MLK Day 2020, Kit was recognized by the NAACP receiving their Martin Luther King, Jr. Living the Dream Award for his contribution to civil rights, and his work with at-risk youth and prison reform. He was also appointed to the Georgia House of Representatives Committee on Youth Gangs and Violence in 2019, as part of Governor Kemp’s initiative to reform prisons and eliminate youth gang violence.

Kit has journeyed on tours through Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, and has negotiated peace between some of the most notorious gangs inside the U.S. prison system. He delivered an address about his powerful peace projects at the 2012 Gandhi Global Peace Summit in Durban, South Africa to representatives from the Gandhi, King, and Mandela families, as well as other iconic peacemakers from around the world, including the special assistant to the Dalai Lama. Kit took his Forty Days to Freedom program into La Mesa prison in Tijuana, Mexico to work with men who are striving to be free, as well as working with addicts and at-risk youth in some of the toughest areas of that war-torn border city. Kit has planted seeds of peace all around the world.

Kit has authored five books, including the award-winning Peace Behind the Wire, a Nonviolent Resolution which has been endorsed by the King Family, and he also launched Power of Peace Radio. Kit’s latest release Protect the Dream takes young people on a journey of character and leadership development designed to teach kids to dream big dreams and protect those dreams at all costs. The Power of Peace Project raises up much-needed positive role models in our schools and communities. What’s next? Kit has now launched his POPP Community Peace Initiative in Selma, Alabama as he carries on Dr. King’s Dream in that iconic and historic civil rights city. So, the question is:
Are you ready for the Power of Peace?