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Four Parables

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Four Short films based on Biblical parables, set in modern times...

Secrets of the Heart

As Ann celebrates her wedding with her older sister Barbara, their father shows up. His alcoholism caused Ann's blindness. Through laughter and tears, Secrets of the Heart exposes our deepest fears and the love that drives them away.

Last Call

Based on the tragic events of September 11, 2001, five people are trapped in a collapsed high-rise due to a devastating earthquake. Staring a slow death in the face, they evaluate the foundation of their very lives-sold rock, or shifting sand.

The Prodigal Daughter

Watch the prodigal daughter from childhood, to leaving home, to her gritty lifestyle on the streets of Hollywood. Witness her breaking point. Join in the celebration as she returns home, paralleling closely the parable of "The Lost Son."


Somewhere in dusty Texas, Mike Burgess' life dangles between prison and total forgiveness. He stole money from his father and vandalized his bar. He owes gambling money to loan sharks. How he responds will change his life forever.