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Most of us understand what it is to love from the heart and soulÐfrom the deepest parts of ourselves, the places where our feelings originate. And we understand loving God with our strength in the sense that love must be put into action–we show our love not only by how we feel, but also by what we do.

But what about loving God with all our minds? What does that look like? Loving God with all our minds is a complex and lifelong pursuit. Loving God with all our minds is a two-sided quest: adding in thoughts that honor God and deliberately removing those that do not. Godly thinking is the way we set our mind free.
In this Book, Sam explores forty days of topics and gives specific instruction designed to set our minds, emotions, and actions free. Some of these topics include:
  • The Mind-Heart Connection
  • The Guilt We Feel that Is Not Real
  • Changing Our Habit of Anxious Thinking
  • Steps to Overcoming Anger
  • Godly Self-Esteem: Where Does Our Sense of Self Come From?
  • The Power of Positive Memory
  • The Power of Music and Worship
  • Freeing Your Mind with Prayer
  • How to Think About Temptation: Jesus' Example
  • Deliverance from Depression
  • How to Think About Your Weaknesses
  • Includes 22 worksheets to help build new ways of thinking