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Pro-gay theology is a relatively new phenomenon in the debate of sexual ethics. Its advocates have propagated the notion that an individual can participate in homosexuality while being a disciple of Christ at the same time. These Bible revisionists have sought to legitimize homoeroticism by claiming that the scriptures on homosexuality that Christians have relied on for thousands of years have been mistranslated, misunderstood, or misinterpreted. Are they right? Are they wrong? Why?

Like the dangers of a locomotive traveling at full speed with no whistle to warn of its imminent arrival, the pro-gay train is traveling at an alarming rate. Many Christians are either unaware of its approaching doom, are too intimidated to try to stop it, or, worse, are welcoming its arrival. As stewards of Biblical truth, Christians must have a response.

About the author: Before becoming a Christain in 1987, Guy lived the life of a homosexual for over a decade. Today he is a Canadian Evangelist and the Executive Director of Strength in Weakness Ministries, helping thousands of same-sex attracted Christians and their families in over 70 countries worldwide. He has taught over 200,000 people through his workshops and classes, and in 2018 a documentary movie made about his life called Finding Guy.