God, are We Good? Can I Know for Sure?

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My purpose in writing this little book is to help us answer with certainty the question posed in its title. Having lingering doubts hidden somewhere in our psyche is not healthy or helpful. It’s too important a question to allow even subtle doubts to remain. My experience with people in nearly eighty years of life tells me that most folks have tried to convince themselves that they are good with God. On a personal note, I have been mistaken about my own salvation, thinking I was right with him, yet later I discovered that biblically I wasn’t. My experience with people also tells me that most of them have inner doubts, often shown by a reluctance to even entertain this question with others or in their own hearts.

Why is that? We seek the advice of medical people to make sure we are healthy. We seek the advice of financial people to make sure we are being accurate on our tax returns. Why wouldn’t we want to make sure that we are spiritually set for eternity, thus being prepared to die however and whenever it happens? And it will happen for certain—we may avoid thinking about it, but we will die anyway. Why not make sure we are prepared spiritually for that inevitability?