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God's Pitcher

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"This book is a treasure. As I read it, I laughed, I cried, and most of all I thanked God for his wisdom and truth. I want to keep a copy for the rest of my life!" (Jeanie Shaw, Women's Ministry Leader, Boston)

This is the first "Wisdom for Life" series of women's devotional books with short, insightful readings. Gloria Baird shares nuggets of wisdom with which she has nurtured, counseled and encouraged women throughout the years.

In the forward to the book, Tammy Fleming describes Gloria as a "maven."Malcolm Gladwell, in his Book The Tipping Point, tells us that "maven"is the Yiddish word for "one who accumulates knowledge."Tammy says that Gloria is a maven of matrimony, of motherhood, and of the marvelous message of our God. Another aspect of a maven is that she passes on the knowledge she has gained. In this Book, Gloria does just that.

Her heart's desire is to pass on these things to her children and grandchildren:and to all of us as well! God's Pitcher is "the older women teaching the younger women"in action in a beautiful and inspiring way. You will feel like you are sitting down across the table from Gloria in your kitchen, sipping a cup of tea and listening to her share her life with warmth, candor and faith.

Have you ever met someone who just has the gift of wisdom simple, pure wisdom? Gloria Baird was such a person. She shared God-given nuggets of wisdom with women throughout her life, making a lasting impact on many.