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Golden Rule Leadership

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With Golden Rule Leadership, Gordon Ferguson and Wyndham Shaw haven't just aimed at the target, but they have hit a bull's-eye. Both were elders and leaders in the great Boston Church of Christ. Their greatest credentials are their families, for this is the ultimate proof of a man's leadership. Their book is not based on some ideas that they think might work. They have been on the front lines of leadership for more than three decades and have learned valuable lessons through prayer and searching the Scriptures, through trial and error, through the school of hard knocks.

I wholeheartedly recommend this exciting book to every leader and to every aspiring leader in God's kingdom. If we all put Golden Rule Leadership into practice, the church will continue to grow and mature for many, many years to come.

Chapter subjects include:

1. Motivation behind leadership

2. Building team leadership in the church family

3. Why leadership style matters

4. Relationships amongst leaders

5. Striking the right balance

6. The pursuit of unity

7. Handling leadership transition with grace

8. Remember the poor: a charge to leaders

...and much more