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It is a sad truth that many married Christian couples are sexually unfulfilled. The joy, pleasure and sheer delight God designed for married men and women is often “the great unclaimed gift.”

Sharing insights from Song of Songs, author Sam Laing says that married sexual love should be the most fulfilling because it is God’s plan, “and God flat-out knows how to do things right!” Showing how the married lovers in the “Song” celebrate their sexual relationship by involving all five senses, Sam helps us to throw off inhibitions to wholeheartedly embrace God’s plan...and our spouses as well.

God wants married couples to experience the exciting, adventurous and free sexual life that he, through the Holy Spirit, describes for us in the Song.

Sam invites you to get ready for the time of your life as you claim the joyous union of sexual love that your Creator intends for you to have—a union he wants you to enjoy all of your married life.

The Song—your duet—is waiting to be sung!