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How to Interpret, Understand and Faithfully Apply the Scriptures

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Dr. Oakes and Mark Wilkinson share the principles that will help believers correctly understand and apply the Bible.
Listeners will be able to become familiar with key concepts of interpretation such as:
  • Hermeneutics: The systematic study of the principles and methods of interpretation (of the Bible). The meaning in the greater sense.
  • Exegesis: Explaining the meaning of the text; i.e., what the author meant when he wrote to the people of his day.
  • Homiletics: Practical application of the meaning of the text for us today.
  • Eisegesis: Reading a meaning into the text which was not in the original (because of a bias of the interpreter).
About the teachers: John Oakes explores some of the problems of misinterpretation such as using the Bible to say something it does not day; Using the Bible in an unbalanced way, and confusing command and principle. John Wilkinson is an assistant professor of Nursing at Lubbock Christian University. He has a Masters in Bible from the Sunset International Bible Institute and lives in Lubbock, Texas.
Over 8 hours of teachings with Word, PDFs and powerpoints included.