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ICEC 2007 Science and God

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Learn from these outstanding messages from the 2007 International Apologetics Conference. This conference was held at Concordia University in Irvine, California and featured Christian apologist on the cutting edge in defense of the Christian faith.
1. The place of World View in Apologetics, Dr. Robert Kurka
2. The Problem of Pain and Suffering, Dr. John M. Oakes
3. Current Neuroscience: Room for the Soul?, Dr. John Beggs
4. Biomimetic Tissue Engineering: Reliance on the Master Designer, Dr. Tom Hedman
5. Adam and Human Evolution, Foster Stanback
6. The Jesus Seminar and Radical Higher Criticism, Glenn Giles
7. The Use and Misuse of Archaeology, John Wilson
8. Apologetics Forum, Dr. Robert Kurka, Dr. John Oakes, and Foster Stanback
9. God and Science, Dr. John M. Oakes
10. Reaching a Postmodern World, Dr. Douglas Jacoby
11. A Response to "The God Delusion"(by Richard Dawkins), Dr. John M. Oakes
12. The God Problem: An Inconvenient Christ, Dr. Douglas Jacoby
13. Christ and World Religions, Dr. John M. Oakes
All messages are in MP3 format.
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