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ICEC 2009 Jesus: The Witness of History

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2009 International Christian Evidence Conference

Jesus: The Witness of History
1. Responding to Competing Pictures of Jesus, Dr. Robert Kurka
2. The Documentary Hypothesis, Glenn Giles
3. Awe vs. Arrogance in Health Science, Dr. Tom Hedman
4. Dealing With Doubt, Dr. Douglas Jacoby
5. An Argument for Special Creation, Dr. John M. Oakes
6. Intelligent Design in Nature: Delusion or Divine Revelation?, Dr. Denis Lamoureux
7. The Problem of Suffering and of Evil, Dr. John M. Oakes
8. Bible: From God or Man? (Bonus Recording), John Oakes
9. Is the new Testament Reliable?, Dr. Everett Ferguson
10. What Really Happened at the Council of Nicaea?, Dr. Everett Ferguson
11. Beyond the Evolution vs. Creation Debate, Dr. Denis Lamoureux
12a. The Roman Guard and the Empty Tomb, Foster Stanback
12b. The Roman Guard and the Empty Tomb, Dr. Arik Greenberg
13. Jesus in the Old Testament, Dr. John M. Oakes
14. God and Science (Bonus Recording), Dr. John M. Oakes

Handouts and Powerpoints

All messages are in MP3 format. For more information about the Apologetics Research Society, see their website at: