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ICEC 2011 Christianity and the Paranormal

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What should Christians believe about ghosts, demons, and other paranormal phenomena? Are they real, a hoax or some work of satanic influence?

These messages are from the 2011 International Christian Evidences Conference which was held on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. The conference is sponsored by the Apologetics Conference Society. The first two messages are personal testimonies from disciples who have experienced paranormal activity and is followed by messages which give biblical, scientific and psychological perspectives on the paranormal. Outlines and power-points are included.

*The views of each speaker are solely their own and do not reflect the views of the Apologetics Research Society, or of Illumination Publishers.

1. Testimonies of the Paranormal (Pt. 1)
2. Testimonies of the Paranormal (Pt. 2)
3. Christianity and the Paranormal: A Biblical Perspective, Douglas Jacoby
4. Christianity and the Paranormal: A Scientific Perspective, John Clayton
5. Christianity and the Paranormal: A Psychological Perspective, Foster and Coco Stanback
6. Science and Skepticism, John M. Oakes
7. Question and Answer Forum, John Clayton, Erik Greenburg, Douglas Jacoby, John Oakes
8. Bonus: Heaven, Hell, Hauntings and Everything Else, Douglas Jacoby