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ICEC 2013 Christianity and Culture

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The theme for the 2013 ICEC was Christianity and Culture. All the classes as well as the public lectures were on the general topic of the interaction between biblical Christianity and the wider culture. The goal was to ask in what sense the Christian message is counter-cultural in the modern context and in what ways the Christian message can resonate with the spirit of the age.The conference was sponsored by the Apologetics Research Society.

*The views of each speaker are solely their own and do not reflect the views of the Apologetics Research Society, or of Illumination Publishers.

The messages are MP3 format and outlines and power-points are included on the CD.

1. The Church's Response to Homosexuality, Guy Hammond
2. The Moral Question of Abortion, Kedron Jones
3. Christianity and Bioethics, John Oakes
4. Christianity, War and Pacifism, Robert Carillo
5. Christianity and Psychology, Todd Spath and Jennifer Konzen
6. Christianity in a Postmodern World, John Oakes
7. Christianity and Race, Joey Harris
8. The Intolerance of Tolerance, Dan Conder
9. Christianity and Culture, Dyron Daughtry
10. Myths and Realities of Same-Sex Attractions, Guy Hammond
11. Sexual Orientation and Families, Guy Hammond
12. Personal Testimony, Guy Hammond