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IN THE MIDDLE OF IT! (Apple/Android Version)

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3 Years of Middle School Curriculum

Jeff Rorabaugh says:
I am convinced that the preteen and young teen years are the most important in spiritual development. It is a time of great change and challenge in all facets of life. Physically, emotionally and mentally, it is the time of exploration and tryouts, yet still mixed with enough lingering fear and wonderment for guidance, prudence and godly love to be effective. Realistically, the kids are in the middle of trying to figure it all out...and dealing with a tough environment as their peers are doing the same, many with misguided or unguided attempts; it 's like drinking water out of a firehose! But God knows and has a journey, a race, custom made for them. I believe you and I through the Word can give them a foundation and the character to run that race in a manner that prepares them for adulthood. I am always amazed at the growth and change that takes place from the time they enter this age until their exit; so much can be accomplished.

This Book was crafted to offer you the tools, thoughts and ideas to instill in young minds and hearts the concerns and knowledge of Jesus via his word. The Book contains:
  • Ninety-six Bible lessons (and how to teach them)
  • Five lessons on the reliability of the Bible
  • Twenty-three studies to help build character
  • Ten Bible biography studies to help build heroic character
  • Fourteen additional lessons to help kids navigate life
  • A full three years of lessons to cover the middle school years