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Jesus the Same

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This classic reprint by Charles Edward explores the many facets of Jesus' character, helping you appreciate and connect with him like never before. The insights into the character of Jesus are powerful and memorable. This Book will help you to know Jesus in a deeper way.

Chapter subjects:

  1. The Strength of Jesus
  2. The Sincerity of Jesus
  3. The Poise of Jesus
  4. The Originality of Jesus
  5. The Narrowness of Jesus
  6. The Breadth of Jesus
  7. Jesus' Trust in God
  8. The Brotherliness of Jesus
  9. The Optimism of Jesus
  10. The Firmness of Jesus
  11. The Generosity of Jesus
  12. The Enthusiasm of Jesus
  13. The Gladness of Jesus
  14. The Humility of Jesus
  15. The Patience of Jesus
  16. The Courage of Jesus
  17. The Indignation of Jesus
  18. The Reverance of Jesus
  19. The Holiness of Jesus
  20. The Greatness of Jesus