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Jesus Unequaled: An Exposition of Colossians

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Why Colossians? Why engage in this study of Colossians? Interestingly, although this is a short and often overlooked Book in the New Testament, New Testament scholar William Barclay, who wrote a commentary on every Book in the New Testament, said of Colossians, "There is no more difficult Book in the New Testament." Well, I hope you enjoy a challenge. If this Book is a "difficult Book," then that's one reason for studying it. But without a doubt the most important reason to study Colossians is because of the high-voltage material that it contains. Colossians major theme, is the supremacy of Christ, and we need to focus on Jesus in order to make sure we don't focus elsewhere.

This book will explore in depth the following themes of Colossians:

  • Jesus is supreme (He is what really matters)
  • How to grow to maturity
  • Freed from sin and free in Christ
  • Specific instructions for fathers, mothers, children and more
  • Recognizing false teachers and false doctrines
  • Guarding against legalism
  • The importance of the church

  • Come along for a life-changing study through this theological, yet practical exposition of Paul's letter to the Colossians.