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Making Disciples in the Real World

Great decisions are the foundation of a life well lived. At the age of 14, I met a cute young girl called Joyce and I decided I wanted her to be my wife for life. Eight years later when I asked her to marry me, she decided to say "Yes!" and we have been together ever since. I love remembering those two great decisions. Great decisions are fun to relive because they build our faith and our sense of gratitude. The best and greatest decision that any of us can make is to confess "Jesus is Lord" in the waters of baptism and be born again. This is a Book devoted to reliving one great decision after another, made by seekers who found what they were looking for. It is an anthology of encouragement about people who took that leap of faith and made a decision to begin their journey of faith. These stories will strengthen your faith in the power of God to change lives and the promise of God that if you seek you will find. This short Book is like the corner piece of birthday cake with double icing. It is a little slice of heaven. Enjoy!

Douglas Arthur, Lead Evangelist, Boston Church of Christ