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"In this Book, I take everything that I have learned from my fifty-five plus years of life and forty-plus years of personal Bible study, biblical training, and discipleship and apply these lessons to writing a practical, meaningful, spiritual mosaic of the life, ministry, and teaching of Jesus the Messiah. The result is a study of the life of Jesus that is quite a bit more spiritual than it would have been if I had written it just ten years earlier." Dr. G. Steve Kinnard


  • In this study of the life, ministry, and teaching of Jesus the Messiah, Steve Kinnard uses a three-pronged approach to the Gospels.
  • First, he read and compared the four Gospels side by side, building a harmony of the life and teachings of Jesus the Messiah.
  • Second, as he read, he noticed who Jesus says he is and how the gospel writers portray him. The outcome of this type of reading was to see Jesus as the King/Christ/Messiah of Israel.
  • Third, as he read, he placed special emphasis on a spiritual reading of the text versus an informational reading.
  • The ultimate goal is to learn to walk as Jesus did.