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Launch Your Life brings Biblical characters and modern-day parables to life. It covers the topics of self-help, life and career planning, Biblical character studies, and Biblical daily living principles. It is unique in that it brings together a Biblical view of career and life-planning for young adult to older Christians, with the practical tools of self-assessment, resume writing, and early career planning. In the process of completing this book, readers will:

  • Formulate a dream in the context of God working in their lives.
  • Better understand their character to see how God’s plan encompasses their whole life, not just their spiritual life.
  • Do the self-assessment required to establish specific goals in pursuing a job interest that is both grounded in their relationship with God and a match for their character.
  • Set a plan in place for approaching life planning, resume writing, interviewing, job searching, and other aspects of starting a spiritual, full-life for God and career trajectory