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The Launch Your Life Action Planner is a guided journal to aid in establishing dreams, formulating plans, and channeling inspiration to move forward with a career life in service of God. It’s the perfect supplement to Launch Your Life.

God is at work to prepare you for a future far greater than you think. When you understand who you are and how God is at work, you can really begin to dream. If you establish those dreams in the foundation of God and His Word, as Isaiah 40 says, you can soar. With questions for reflection, journaling ideas, and exercises, this guided journal will help you discover that:

God has prepared you for the next step in your spiritual and career journey

You are a complex person with spiritual gifts and abilities that God will use

You can take practical steps to find your next path in service of God

The Launch Your Life Action Planner is a terrific help for personal use or in small group studies. Don’t settle for less than who God made you to be; let God stir your heart to action.! Whether you’re in the late high school years, college, a young professional, or a young married, Launch Your Life with this engaging, practical, goal-oriented book!