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Learning to Forgive Others in Your Past

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Forgiving others is not always easy, but vital to living a dynamic life of love. Theresa Ferguson will help you learn from God, through Scriptures, a simple journey of faith in order to forgive others who have hurt you in your past.

Theresa reveals how we often react the wrong way: we get angry, resentful, bitter, malicious, we pull our hearts away, run away and often ignore the problem and hope it goes away. These never resolve the problems, they only intensify them.

This series will give you biblical solutions that will empower you to forgive and unburden you from the past. Forgiveness is possible.

This set includes a video, an Audio lesson with a powerpoint and message outline. For more information about the teaching ministry of Gordon Ferguson see his website.

About the Speaker: Theresa Ferguson
Theresa Ferguson is a graduate of Northwestern State University with a Bachelors' Degree in Elementary Education. She has worked side-by-side in Christian ministry with her husband, Gordon Ferguson for over forty years. She and Gordon have two children who are both disciples and they have five grandchildren. The Fergusons make their home in Dallas, Texas.