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Letters to New Disciples

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A number of years ago, Tom Jones was asked to speak to a group of new disciples. The material that he shared with this group proved to be inspiring, grounding and encouraging. It is that material that grew into these 24 personal letters to young disciples, now revised to reflect the changing and maturing of our ministries.

As churches are being planted and getting healthier, we are having more new disciples. This book is a great resource to put in their hands. Letters to New Disciples is a book directly from the heart of Tom Jones to the heart of the new disciple. Its effectiveness is seen in the following ways:

  • gives new disciples access to a "father in the faith"writing them short letters about issues they will face
  • helps in the follow-up with new disciples
  • prepares them for temptations they will face
  • lets them know their struggles or concerns are shared by others
  • speaks to them day or night as only the written word can
  • encourages new disciples to stay faithful for life