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Life Changing Worship: Restoring the Spirit of Biblical Praise

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In worship we embrace the transcendent; we acknowledge that there is something other, something holy, something greater than us that gives our lives meaning and
purpose, filling us with hope in an often-hopeless world. Worship is a part of our spiritual DNA, and when we neglect it, or ignore it, or minimize its importance, we do so to our own spiritual, psychological, and possibly eternal detriment.

This book is a call to study and understand, but more than that, it is a call to take our corporate and personal worship of the Almighty to places we have never been. Along
the way, we will see the incalculable benefits that a lifestyle of worship will have. Any sacrifices we may make pale in significance next to the impact that passionate, daily, heart-felt worship can make on our lives. This Book is especially helpful...

  • For disciples who want to grow closer to God in their daily walk.
  • To believers who want to benefit from life-changing intimate worship.
  • For Christians who want to understand the practicals of Biblical praise.
  • For worship leaders seeking direction in ministering to their team and congregation.
  • For leaders who want to help their churches grow in meaningful and reverent worship.
  • For understanding the role that music plays in worship.
  • ...and much more.