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Love, Laughter, and Law

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Preparing Your Children for Life and Eternity

God will bless you for reading this book. That’s evidence that you care about your parenting. We offer you this simple outline for successful relationships in your home: Love, Laughter, and Law. This outline was our go-to when we were invited to do parenting classes. If you get nothing else from this book, perhaps this outline is memorable enough to help you. We believe that “laying down the law” is only effective in a home filled with love and laughter. In fact, law enforcement in the home (punishment for disobedience or disrespect) can be oppressive if it’s not in an atmosphere of love.

Our hope is that you can apply biblical principles to your parenting to resist the world’s pull toward the pervasive lies about “good parenting.” God wants you to have a happy home, and his guidelines will set you up for success.  —Ron and Linda Brumley




Section I: The Need for Love

Chapter 1: Physical Touch

Chapter 2: Verbal Expressions

Chapter 3: Parental Sacrifice

Section II: The Need for Laughter

Chapter 4: Fun, the Natural Quest of Children

Chapter 5: Faith Should Include Enjoying God

Chapter 6: Freedom

Section III: The Need for Law

Chapter 7: The Standard

Chapter 8: House Rules

Chapter 9: Discipline