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Christianity is a religion of relationships. Jesus said that the work that he came to do would be judged by the manner in which his disciples related to one another (John 13:34-35). The whole Bible is about life-changing relationships.
This series features seven lessons on the most vital of all Christian attributes love. This topic is timely, relevant, challenging, insightful, compact, comprehensive and is desperately needed by every disciple because it deals with having, maintaining and deepening godly relationships.
1. Love: Damaged by Worldly Relationships
2. Love: Defined by One Another Relationships
3. Love: Distilled by Discipling Relationships
4. Love: Directed by Leader/Follower Relationships
5. Love: Disciplined by Limiting Relationships
6. Love: Deepened by Family Relationships
7. Love: Delighted by Body Role Relationships