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Finding Guy Documentary Trailer from Guy Hammond on Vimeo.

In his fourth Book, Guy Hammond uses his usual comedic wit, combined with valuable practical advice on how anyone can untangle their messy lives, no matter what they've done, to go on and be used by God to accomplish incredible things.

From the Introduction:
"My life at times has been a mess. Honestly. I've made so many mistakes, said so many dumb things, crossed so many lines, made so many stupid decisions with my life, that I fear once you realize the enormity of it all you may put this Book down before you get through the intro.
I would dare say that no matter what you've done or how far you have fallen in life, I've probably got you beat. Okay, unless you are maybe a serial killer or an infamous Mexican drug lord nicknamed El Chapo. So if you are reading this behind the bars of your seventy-two square foot cell in a Supermax called ADX in Florence, Colorado and you don't plan on getting out for say, the rest of your life, then I'll grant you've crossed some grave lines that I haven't. In God's economy however, there's no value in determining whether one person is better than another based on how sinful or righteous one has been. If our best deeds are but filthy rags to God (Isaiah 64:6), the hard truth is that we are all broken and no one needs the healing love of God more or less than anyone else. All that being said, my point is simply this: my life at times has been a mess. Honestly."

This is the companion volume to the new documentary about Guy Hammond entitled, Finding Guy.