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Mighty Man of God

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Men, this Book is a call for you to ascend to the heights of dignity and nobility that God intended for you when he made you. It is a call to forsake the paths of selfishness and vulgarity and become a hero who thinks of himself last and others first. It is a call to grow, to change, to step out and step up. It is a call to greatness, to be free of the chains of pride, fear and sensuality that have too long bound you. It is a call to to conquer your weaknesses and fears, to leave them forever in your past as you forge onward and upward to your true destinyÐto become a mighty man of God.


Part 1: The Foundations of Manhood
Chapter 1 Spirituality
Chapter 2 Humility
Chapter 3 Courage
Chapter 4 Honor
Chapter 5 Nobility
Chapter 6 Purity
Chapter 7 Lovingkindness
Chapter 8 Joy
Chapter 9 Discipline

Part 2: The Frontiers of Manhood
Chapter 10 Emotion
Chapter 11 Friendship
Chapter 12 Family
Chapter 13 Profession
Chapter 14 Benevolence
Chapter 15 Fruitfulness
Chapter 16 Fitness
Chapter 17 A Man Past Forty