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Life is full of challenges. Pain. Illness. Persistent sins. Misunderstanding. Insecurity. Disappointment. Abuse. Discouragement. Depression. Failure. Fear. Rejection. Opposition. Confusion. Death. None of these surprise God. He has a plan for us to overcome them all.

This book is written to help you see (1) your challenges are not unusual and (2) God's plan for overcoming will work powerfully for you as well as for others. In addition to the usual obstacles, author Thomas Jones lives daily with the challenge of multiple sclerosis. Mind Change grew out of his efforts to find God's power in his weakness and to discover the way to live a productive life of impact in spite of things that could hold him and all of us back.

Other Info: Mind Change: The Overcomer's Handbook has been published in hardback and two other editions since 1994. With many thousands of copies being sold primarily through church and by word of mouth, this book has made a great impact on many people and has been translated into several other languages. We hear regularly from people who claim that Mind Change has changed their lives, and they make statements such as these: "I have worn out two copies already.""Since I have trouble walking up and down the stairs, I ordered one for upstairs and one for downstairs." "I keep it on my bedside table and turn to it often." Now in its third edition, Mind Change is being offered to a broader market to help more people be over comers in their lives.

What Is different in this edition? The author has written a new preface and a new afterward, and he has updated other information in the body of the book.