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No One Like Him

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From His astonishing claims to His spirit of self-sacrifice; from His proclamation of God's lavish generosity to His call to radical discipleship, Jesus is an extraordinary figure who still captivates the attention of a high powered, high-tech and highly skeptical world.

In this highly-readable volume, author Tom Jones unveils the heart, character and message of Jesus, presenting an oft-told narrative in a fresh and compelling way. Whether the Jesus story is familiar ground or new territory for you, prepare to be swept along from the humble ebb of his birth to the surging crescendo of his resurrection. Clear, moving and deep water awaits you be you seeker or saint, novice or scholar. Come and see Jesus and be ready for some surprises.

Chapter titles:

  1. Who Did He Think He Was?
  2. His Dependence on God
  3. His Servant Heart
  4. Rich in Character
  5. Jesus and the Scriptures
  6. The Kingdom of God
  7. His Good News: Extravagant Generosity
  8. Kingdom Attitudes
  9. The Kingdom Lifestyle
  10. Conflict and Controversy
  11. Even Death on a Cross
  12. The Empty Tomb
  13. Disciples of Jesus
  14. But Does It Work?