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One Another

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Tom Jones and Steve Brown, are both teachers in the Greater Nashville Church, have collaborated to give us a fresh, biblical look at relationships a topic of utmost importance in churches focused on making disciples and fostering continual spiritual growth. The authors show that God's plan is for us to be instruments in each other's lives to bring about the transformation he desires.

Many of us realize we are not having the kind of relationships that God intended. We have drifted away from opening our hearts and giving our lives to each other. This Book is a call back to healthy biblical relationships that will help us grow into the image of Christ.

Chapter titles:

  1. Relationships at the Center of the Target
  2. Relationships According to God's Grace
  3. Loving One Another
  4. Accepting One Another
  5. Belonging to One Another
  6. Teaching and Admonishing One Another
  7. Confessing Sins to One Another
  8. Bearing One Another's Burdens
  9. Encouraging One Another
  10. Spurring One Another On
  11. Reconciling With One Another
  12. Forgiving One Another
  13. "One Another" in Groups
  14. The Logical Conclusion: Let us Begin