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"Our struggle is not against flesh and blood." ¨the Apostle Paul 

Ever wonder what it would be like to battle a demon?
Having just finished her freshman year of college, Amy is about to settle into a summer of fun and leisure in rural Middle Tennessee. Then, an angel pays her a visit and sends her on a mission. The mission‚ protect David.

David is a graduating senior who is looking forward to beginning college in the fall. David is off-the-charts intelligent, but socially awkward. Also, he has a gift‚ ¨a very unique gift.

Prisoner 92457 is granted compassionate release from the Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in downtown Nashville. As Jacob Calloway exits prison, he mutters an ancient curse against two prison guards and the prison's warden. By midnight, all three men are dead. As Jacob steps behind the wheel of a red Ford pickup and drives away from the prison, he has one objective‚ ¨capture David.

Amy and David are plucked from their normal, carefree lives and plunged into the world of spiritual warfare‚ ¨where they catch a glimpse of their own slight yet significant role in the enormous eternal conflict.